Saturday, January 13, 2007

Back Outdoors

There were several different photo opportunities today -- the first being my daughter's departure for ballet class this morning. The great thing about her is that she is constantly doing an inventory of her possessions to make sure she has everything she'll need; today it was her dog (who has been her faithful companion since birth) and her Little Mermaid backpack.

Later this afternoon, since the rain had stopped for a while and it was reasonably warm, we got her outdoors to give her tricycle a go. She's had it for a while, but it wasn't until recently that she was able to reach the pedals (even with the seat cranked all the way down). Unfortunately, riding it wasn't an option after I put her helmet on her, and she wanted to spend more time modeling the hat than riding the trike.

Of course, while all of this was going on, a neighbor of ours in Washington decided to come over and take a look at what was going on.....


julieunplugged said...

LOL! The helicopters are amazing! Did you take those photos then? I love the clarity from such a distance.

And of course your daughter is adorable.

Matt said...

Yes - the helicopter was actually flying over while we were playing out in the yard, so I zoomed in as far as I could and snapped a few quick pictures. They were the two best ones.

Thanks for the comment about my daughter, too. She is a real cutie:-)

- Matt

Sandie said...

She is a cutie!!!! I went to dance class today too :), only with my 14 yr old nephew. I was missing the days when my oldest was this little and cute and we just went to dance a couple hours a week. Wow, time really flies!

Dancingirl365 said...

Fun! What a sweetheart!

The helicopter thought the branches is a nice shot, too.