Thursday, January 25, 2007

It's Pretty No Matter What Time of Day

Even when we're not getting a snowstorm, we're still getting snow -- much to my delight. This is a bush that sits in our backyard and has always had this funny lean -- usually in the direction of the sun, but partly because I think I did a hatchet job when I thinned it ouot earlier this year. It's still a healthy shrub; it's just lost it's springtime coat.

I took this picture just after we had gotten a light dusting early this evening; it was taken on the standard automatic setting, but without a flash. I wanted to see what I could capture; the pictures on the night-time setting didn't work out as well. The way we're getting flurries lately, though, I should have plenty of chances to try!


Dancingirl365 said...

The bush has personality! Even a light dusting of snow makes the world a new place.

karen said...

I love all your pictures...feels like we know you all better! Thank you for sharing your life....can't wait for that baby to come! I can't believe, once again after 15 years, the joy of a baby in the house!

Sandie said...

Snow does make everything look better! It is an interesting bush.