Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Bright Lights, Big City

Okay, so Falls Church isn't a big city, but anywhere in the suburbs of D.C. qualifies. It's the big city feel of these smaller towns that turn a 10-minute trip out to pick up dinner into a 45-minute ordeal. Tonight, I had the camera with me, and I grabbed a quick shot looking into the side mirror of the long line of traffic behind me -- a line that you can see every day at this time. I only wish I had thought to either put the window down, or wash it before I captured it on film!


Sandie said...

I have been actually taking quite a few rearview mirror shots too and everytime I do it I wonder why I didn't roll the window down. I think it is neat perspective. I am going to hate it when Louisville gets that way. It already takes 45 minutes to cross the city and it seems to get longer every year.

SusansPlace said...

Your window is super clean compared to mine! Very interesting shot. I like it!

How is life treating you?


NoVA Dad said...

It's going well -- the daughters are both very healthy and happy and are learning to adjust to each other. My job hunt is continuing, but I'm optimistic that things are going to pick up very soon. And now that the snow and rain have ended and the sun is out, we got our first taste of spring today!!

julieunplugged said...

I really like this one. I am totally hooked on night lights since this photo blog began. There's something mysterious about light at night for me now and I love how well you captured that here.