Saturday, February 17, 2007

A Life Lesson in Ice

I spent quite some time this afternoon trying to get a good shot of this magnificent icicle, hanging off the drain spout of our home office. Shot after shot after shot was blurry, or the focus was on the wrong place in the yard, or the lighting was simply just bad. Yet while I was looking at them all on the computer, I realized that is actually a visualization of a life lesson: don't worry so much about the small things (ice) that you miss the big picture (the tree and the rest of the yard). If you worry too much about putting the small things in focus, the rest of your life will go out of focus; the small things will take care of themselves and, ultimately, will make up the bigger picture.

So this isn't the greatest photograph ever, but it says a lot to me.


brian said...


Great shot and a great life lesson, too.

SusansPlace said...

Wow, before I read your post I thought that was a tree split down the middle. Later, I saw that it was an icicle. heeh Great thoughts to go with the shot!


my15minutes said...

Matt, Can't wait to see what photos you've stored up over the past week! :-)